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'Decorated' graphene is a superconductor

Depositing lithium on 2D material generates Cooper pairs

World's thinnest diffraction gratings made from graphene

Ultrathin nano-gratings produce high-contrast interference patterns of massive molecules

Could radon and one of its radioactive isotopes reliably predict an earthquake?

Radon–thoron isotope concentrations may peak before an earthquake

Single photons see the light

Photon–photon interactions pave the way to all-optical quantum computers

Joint quantum-computing venture is a first for China

Online retail giant Alibaba and the Chinese Academy of Sciences open lab in Shanghai

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Degradation studies of a VECSEL gain structure using a stable green pump laser

The long-term power stability of the Opus 532 laser allows accurate monitoring of performance over several tens of hours. A white paper from Laser Quantum

Separating digital acquisition and processing from local computing via PCIe expansion

A PCIe expansion solution can be a very effective tool to separate the functions of a computer system. A white paper from Vadatech

IOP Publishing Impact Factor growth


The 2014 Impact Factors, published by Thomson Reuters, once again show significant growth for journals published by IOP Publishing.

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Keep it brief

Papers with short titles get more citations, study finds



Inside the particle pyramid

Podcast Using muons to hunt for hidden burial chambers inside Mexico's Pyramid of the Sun


Painting with light

Video The New York photographers who are defying the digital trend



Curing the Curie complex

French physicist Hélène Langevin-Joliot – the granddaughter of Marie Curie – talks to Tushna Commissariat about the "Curie complex" and gives her own tips for scientific success



Better science policy

Robert P Crease looks at an ambitious programme to improve how science policy is formulated



Unique, but not exceptional

A book that characterizes life on Earth as "special but not significant" gets Tamara Davis thinking about the interconnectedness of the cosmos

A very brief history of relativity

Reviewer Cormac O'Raifeartaigh enjoys this "beautifully written" account of the genesis of Einstein's greatest theory

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