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Astronomy, astrophysics & cosmology

For the latest news, features and products in astronomy, astrophysics & cosmology


Rocky planet found in habitable zone around Sun's nearest neighbour

Earth-mass planet – which could have liquid water on its surface – orbits Proxima Centauri

China launches world's first quantum science satellite

QUESS mission will test the feasibility of quantum communication between ground and space

Entangled Hawking radiation spotted in analogue black hole

Quantized sound emerges from Bose–Einstein condensate

X-ray pulsars plot the way for deep-space GPS

New method could be autonomous, increasing the capabilities of future interstellar missions

In depth

Thinking big thoughts

Vlatko Vedral is wowed by cosmologist Sean Carroll’s paean to "poetic naturalism" and the ability of science to bring meaning to the world

Another giant leap

The story of a group of women who worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the early days of rocketry draws both praise and criticism from Lisa Ruth Rand

Web life: Universe Awareness

The Universe Awareness project aims to bring the beauty and grandeur of the cosmos into the classroom for children aged four to 10

See like a solar system

Robert P Crease discusses what the science of the solar system teaches us about perception