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Vacuum systems

Stratox Limited 26-Jan-2006

Stratox specialises in the manufacture of refrigerant gases for Polycolld, Hankuk and other types of cryo-pump including obsolete Telemark and S-10 Technology systems. The company also has manufacturing capability in related equipment, buys sells…

CP Power & Automation Ltd 20-Jan-2006

CP Power & Automation Ltd are specialised in the DC power market. We can provide high quality power supplies of all types including AC to DC, DC to DC, DC to AC and Programable Power Supplies from 100W to 32kW. Please get in touch to talk about…

Soleras Ltd. 18-Jan-2006

Soleras is a manufacturer of sputter targets, original and enhanced backing plates, and vacuum-related spare parts. Soleras has product design, reverse engineering, failure analysis, CAD/CAM (Pro Engineer), and full traceability/analysis of…

cryofacts 16-Jan-2006

This is a cryogenics website from a group of people working for the development of cryogenic application technologies. cryogenic processing is an inexpensive method that improves the physical and mechanical properties of materials such as metals,…

Auheng Industries Co. Ltd. 16-Jan-2006

Producer of plastics, castings, die-castings, forgings, CNC machining, shafts, sheaves, couplings, pulleys, flanges, hubs, gears, tools, link chains, car lightings. We docustom manufactureing based on drawings and samples at low costs.

Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology 09-Jan-2006

Meerut Institute of Engineering & technology is an academic institution into engineering and BioTehcnology field.

HORIBA Jobin Yvon Ltd 09-Jan-2006

We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of classical spectroscopic systems, offering equipment for Emission Spectroscopy, Fluorescence, Raman analysis, Film Thickness measurement, Particle Size Analysers, X-ray Microscopy & X-ray…

Scientific Magnetics 03-Jan-2006

At Scientific Magnetics, we offer both standard and tailor-made superconducting magnet and cryogenic solutions. Whether you require a simple solenoid in a bath cryostat or a high temperature superconducting magnet and cryogenic system with new or…

Calibration Trade Centre 03-Jan-2006

Calibration and testing services. Wind tunnel and thermal imaging facilities for the thermal testing of various types of heat excnagers. UKAS accredited to ISO 17025:2005 Wind tuunel upgraded for charge air coolers Thermal imaging services now…

Agro Engineers 13-Dec-2005

Manufacturer of worm gear box, right angle gear box, gear reduction box, worm wheel and worm shaft, worm gear, spur, helical and bevel gear, chain sprocket, racks and pinion, other mechanical engineering power transmission equipment.

Staib Instruments 09-Dec-2005

S T A I B INSTRUMENTS develops, produces and provides innovative, high performance, and reliable state of the art instruments for surface analysis. All products are based on precision optical systems, sophisticated electronics, and UHV technology….

Titanium Tantalum Products Ltd 06-Dec-2005

TiTaN's manufactures Platinized Titanium Anode, Platinised Niobium, zirconium anode, tantalum anodes of types Mesh, Plate, Rod, strip, box, perforate, Tubular, Wire and other geometry. TiTaN's Anode find varying applications in industries…

MPF Products Inc. 06-Dec-2005

MPF manufactures UHV vacuum feedthrus and optical components founded by the same founders of Insulator Seal Inc. Our state of the art facility is geared for batch production or standard components. Our research and development team is striving to…

Calibration Trade Centre 30-Nov-2005

Range of Calibration, service and repair of all types of equipment in automotive, aeronautical, hydraulic, waste, energy, biomedical, process, HVAC, industries. Traceable and UKAS accredited calibrations available via a range of partner…

WT&T Inc 22-Nov-2005

WT&T is an optical devices company, developing and manufacturing fiber-coupled semiconductor laser and LED/SLED modules, customized fiber optical testing devices and specialty fiber lens, targeting industry and research applications.

Laserex Technologies 22-Nov-2005

Laserex is an Australian manufacturer of laser diode modules and solutions. Our lasers are used world-wide in a number of industrial and OEM applications. Laserex can offer you Worlds best practice in optical, laser, electronics and mechanical…

Turbo pump sales & service. 11-Nov-2005

We buy and sell refurbished turbo pumps and offer turbo pump repair services for: -Leybold turbomolecular pumps, -Pfeiffer / Balzers turbopumps -Varian Turbo pumps -Seiko Seiki Turbo pumps -Boc Edwards turo pump - Alcatel Turbo pumps & - Wet & Dry…

Axus Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. 11-Nov-2005

AXUS, We are the professional OEM/ODM manufactory in Taiwan. We design and manufacture the Packaging Machines with high quality to Europe, America, Japan and so on. We produce all kinds of type machines, including Labeling Machines, Induction…

UCO Electronic 01-Nov-2005

UCO is a leading supplier of analog integrated circuits providing cost-effective, energy-efficient AC-DC, DC-DC power conversion solutions and isolation amplifier modules. On 10/12, UCO signed the contract with SunYuan, who is leading…

Arctic Photonics 26-Oct-2005

Arctic Photonics designs and manufactures a wide variety of diode pumped solid state and direct diode laser systems. Our laser product offering includes everything from turnkey industrial solutions to highly flexible lasers for research. For…

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