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Optical materials and metamaterials

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Optical materials and metamaterials

Cathay Advanced Materials Limited 11-Aug-2006

Professional manufacturer of metal, oxide, alloy and ceramics sputtering target, high purity Rare Earth, Lanthanum Hexaboride cathode in China for many years. At present we are able to produce many large size sputtering targets with very…

Lucid Optical Services Ltd 09-Aug-2006

Lucid is a specialist fibre optics and laser safety training company. We provide many standard and bespoke training courses from installation of communications cabling (fibre or copper) to photonics and optical metrology. Many of our course carry…

iXFiber 28-Jul-2006

iXFiber is an independent manufacturer of Specialty Optical Fiber and Fiber Optic components. iXFiber offers a wide range of standard and custom products for Telecommunication, Fiber Laser, Sensor and Defence applications. Thulium doped fibers…

Cenamps 28-Jul-2006

Cenamps is the Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology, Micro and Photonic Systems for the North East of England. Cenamps' strategic technology footprint has been formulated to strengthen and build on the region’s capabilities in innovating…

LightSmyth Technologies 07-Jun-2006

LightSmyth harnesses the power of DUV photolithographic patterning and holographic design concepts to produce integrated and free space diffractive devices including integrated tailored passband multiplexers and flat free space gratings with…

Aerovac Services Ltd 24-May-2006

Aerovac Services is your one stop solution for all of your vacuum requirements. As we are a manufacturing facility, all of our work is completed in house, this enables us to meet our customers exact requirements. We specalise in Vacuum chambers…

Beam Imaging Solutions 22-May-2006

Beam imaging solutions is dedicated to providing new innovative solutions to imaging ion, electron and neutral particle beams, as well as UV and x-rays. Solutions to fit a wide variety of applications and budgets can be found within our imaging…

Kammrath & Weiss GmbH 12-Apr-2006

Welcome to the Kammrath & Weiss Our experience in converting your application requirements into useful products, covers over 30 years. This gave rise to an entire "bouquet" of unusual solutions, for our users worldwide. Are you looking…

AC Optics Inc 11-Apr-2006

Offers custom optical components and systems including lenses, prisms, mirrors, flats, windows, filters, singlets, doublets, light-pipes and assemblies of both standard and custom design. New Design Capability - Design customer lenses and optical…

TEGS, Ltd 28-Mar-2006

Glass and glass-metallic precise products TEGS manufactures precision glass and glass metallictubes, rods, mono and poly-capillaries of arbitrary cross sections geometries, as well as structured glasses with low-temperature melted metals, complex…

Litetec Ltd 24-Mar-2006

Litetec Ltd have been specialising in optics and fibre optics since 1985 and have built a very broad customer base including government departments, universities, aerospace and medical/scientific organisations. Our optical components are of the… 07-Mar-2006 was established in August 2000 and is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Our business includes designing and manufacturing fiber-optic products, providing consulting service to optical communications companies, and…

Litetec Ltd 02-Feb-2006

Litetec Ltd have been specialising in optics and fibre optics since 1985 and have built a very broad customer base, covering government departments, universities, aerospace, medical and scientific organisations. We pride ourselves on very good…

Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology 09-Jan-2006

Meerut Institute of Engineering & technology is an academic institution into engineering and BioTehcnology field.

MPF Products Inc. 06-Dec-2005

MPF manufactures UHV vacuum feedthrus and optical components founded by the same founders of Insulator Seal Inc. Our state of the art facility is geared for batch production or standard components. Our research and development team is striving to…

WT&T Inc 22-Nov-2005

WT&T is an optical devices company, developing and manufacturing fiber-coupled semiconductor laser and LED/SLED modules, customized fiber optical testing devices and specialty fiber lens, targeting industry and research applications.

Fibre Connections 11-Nov-2005

Fibre Optic Products available On-Line. Patch Leads, Patch Panels, Connectors, Adaptors, Cable and much much more. Purchase on-line for next day delivery. Free Ipod Nano with orders over £600

Arctic Photonics 26-Oct-2005

Arctic Photonics designs and manufactures a wide variety of diode pumped solid state and direct diode laser systems. Our laser product offering includes everything from turnkey industrial solutions to highly flexible lasers for research. For…

HLBBshaw 06-Sep-2005

European Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys with expertise in the following technologies - chemistry & materials science; pharma & nutrition; life sciences; electronics, telecoms & computer science; environmental technology and engineering.

P&T Consulting Ltd 18-Aug-2005

P&T Consulting Ltd is a UK based provider of sales representation and consultancy services to manufacturers and end users of coated optical components. Organisations represented in Europe include the University of Paisley's Thin Film Centre,…

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