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Laser physics

Centre for Mico-Photonics (CMP), Swinburne University of Technology 09-Aug-2007

The Centre for Micro-Photonics is an internationally leading Centre in biophotonics and nanophotonics. It provides a world-class laboratory for training Australian and international research students.

Sheaumann, Inc. 08-Aug-2007

Offers high-power/brightness fiber-coupled laser diodes. Multimode CW power available at 790 nm to 1850 nm from a small core fiber. Small form factor packages at low prices.

L-3 Communications SSG-Tinsley 03-Aug-2007

L-3 is a leading supplier of communications and specialized products and services to DoD, intel, civilian agencies, state, local & foreign governments, and major aerospace and defense prime contractors.

BFI Optilas Ltd 02-Aug-2007

BFi OPTiLAS is a Pan-european Technical distributor of specialist products and services for the Photonics and Electronics Markets.

Photonic Lattice, Inc 02-Aug-2007

Photonic Lattice, Inc is a venture company based in Japan that designs, and fabricates photonic crystal polarizers and wave plates. Monolithically integrated arrays make it possible to achieve advanced and novel functionality.

Keyence Corporation 12-Jul-2007

Keyence Corporation manufactures a broad range of non-contact factory automation products, from photoelectric and proximity sensors for presence/absence detection, to machine vision systems, laser displacement measuring instruments and bar code…


Manufacturer of stock and custom optical test equipment, autocollimators, electronic autocollimators ELCOMAT series, collimators, testing telescopes, interferometers, automatic goniometers for prism measurement, divided circle spectrometers,…

CAEN Technologies, Inc. 11-Jul-2007

CAEN S.p.A. Costruzioni Apparecchiature Elettroniche Nucleari is one of the most important industrial spin offs of the Italian Nuclear Physics Research. The company was founded in Viareggio (Italy) in 1979 by a group of senior engineers from the…

Polymicro Technologies, LLC 11-Jul-2007

Since 1984, Polymicro Technologies has provided CREATIVE . . . INNOVATIVE . . . SOLUTIONS for the analytical, medical, aerospace, military, manufacturing, telecommunication, and communication industries. Polymicro is the leader in providing…

Catalyst Equipment Corporation 10-Jul-2007

Since 1982 Catalyst Equipment has been buying & selling, refurbishing & servicing semiconductor manufacturing and related equipment globally. We work with end users, universities and other equipment resellers on individual items or entire…

Surface Concept GmbH 27-Jun-2007

Surface Concept produces sub-nanosecond time resolving particle detector systems and components. The main expertice and activities concern area detection of electrons, x-rays, photons (UV), and ions, based on the delay line detector technology….

VueMetrix Inc. 21-Jun-2007

VueMetrix Inc. is a leading supplier of systems for the control of laser diodes. Our highly-integrated laser diode controllers are compact, self-contained and cost-effective, yet versatile enough to satisfy the most demanding requirements. …

RTA Instruments Ltd 20-Jun-2007

RTA Instruments Ltd is a sales and support company focused on two principal market areas. Thin films, deposition and epitaxy Our customers are the European research and development laboratories, production facilities and equipment manufacturers…

UC Components Inc 12-Jun-2007

UC Components Inc is the world’s premier manufacturer of fastener solutions for the vacuum, semiconductor, memory device, solar cell, and other critical environment industries. Home of RediVac© Vented, Non-Vented, Coated, Plated, and…

stahl-electronics 12-Jun-2007

Founded in 2002 as a "startup"-company and "spin-off" from the University of Mainz (Germany), we have specialized in high precision electronics, rf electronics, and cryo electronics in the field of beam lines and ion traps. Our…

OPTICS 1, Inc. 16-May-2007

We are considered by many to be the premier independent company dedicated to optics designs and optical developments. Our team of optics experts design, produce, and support precision optical assemblies, subsystems, and integrated systems for…

Phosctech Photonics,LTD 15-May-2007

We are a manufacturer and exporter of optical components, crystals and CCTV lens in China. Our optics are good in quality and competitive in price. optical components like mirrors, prism, beamsplitter, Sapphire/ Germanium materials, CaF2…

Pascal Technologies, inc. 26-Apr-2007

Pascal Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer's representative providing any type of vacuum equipment and component you need. We also build custom vacuum systems and provide automation. Check out our website for your…


UVS is a dedicated company to quality customer satisfaction through material supply and effective service in the feild of high vacuum engineering components. we conduct on site helium leak testing.

Mirachem Corporation 13-Apr-2007

For over 25 years, Mirachem® Corporation has been making safe, effective and leading edge cleaning products using water-based technology to clean the toughest jobs the Semiconductor and Electronics world can create Dicing Surfacnts, General…

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