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  1. Laser Safety interlock controller for safe access to laser laboratories
    Lasermet Ltd Feb 4, 2013

    The ICS-5 is Lasermet's industry standard interlock controller. Designed and manufactured in the UK, it is now installed, (including its predecessors) in over 1000 locations worldwide.

  2. Optoblok - Modular Optical Table Laser Guarding System
    Lasermet Ltd Feb 1, 2013

    Optoblok is designed to reduce the risk of stray laser beams being inadvertently directed at personnel in the laser lab. The modular system fits neatly on to optical tables to provide a 300mm wall.

  3. Flatfoot laser blocking screen
    Lasermet Ltd Feb 1, 2013

    CE marked and certified laser blocking screens are essential part of employers' health and safety requirements to prevent accidental exposure to laser beams which are Class 4 during servicing.

  4. Ultra Fast UV, X-Ray and Visible Imaging
    Specialised Imaging Ltd. Jan 31, 2013


  5. FGM-RS-5 Optical Fiber Geometry Analyzer
    Oelabs Inc Jan 31, 2013

    FGM-RS-5 Optical Fiber Geometry Analyzer is a new product after OFM Optical Fiber Multiparameter Testing System developed by Rayscience

  6. OELABS Integrated Optic Chip for Gyroscope (Y waveguide modulators)
    Oelabs Inc Jan 31, 2013

    the Features of integrated optical chips

  7. LiNbO3 Phase Modulator
    Oelabs Inc Jan 31, 2013

    LiNbO3 phase modulator, made with the proton exchange or Tiindiffusion method

  8. ACWS-230D Automated Coil Winding Station
    Oelabs Inc Jan 31, 2013

    A comprehensive fully automatic winding station is required to precisely wind optical fiber to manufacture IFOG coils for tactical & strategic grades

  9. IPG Photonics revise Fibre Laser and Amplifier ranges
    Elliot Scientific Ltd. Jan 30, 2013

    IPG Photonics has published new datasheets for certain models in their broad range of 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 µm fibre lasers and amplifiers.

  10. Ultra-high resolution Raman microspectroscopy from CRAIC
    Elliot Scientific Ltd. Jan 30, 2013

    Artemis™ offers ultra-high resolution Raman microspectroscopy. It is available through Elliot Scientific as a microscope add-on or as an option for the CRAIC UV-Vis-NIR microspectrophotometer range.

  11. Lake Shore CRX-VF Cryogenic Probe Station Upgraded
    Elliot Scientific Ltd. Jan 30, 2013

    Lake Shore Crytronics' CRX-VF Cryogenic Probe Station is widely used to measure nanoscale electronics, quantum wires and dots, semiconductors, and spintronic devices.

  12. Nanopositioning Focusing Elements from Mad City Labs
    Elliot Scientific Ltd. Jan 30, 2013

    Mad City Labs offer a range of focusing elements for use in STORM, PALM, confocal and fluorescence imaging, 4Pi and super resolution SR microscopy, high speed Z stack imaging and other applications.

  13. New Electromagnet Power Supply from Lake Shore
    Elliot Scientific Ltd. Jan 30, 2013

    This new PSU is optimised for powering large research electromagnets, being ideal for characterisation systems in M-O, hysteresis, susceptibility, Hall effect, spin magnetic resonance, & biostudies.

  14. Honeywell Sperian Laser Barrier System for Optical Tables
    Elliot Scientific Ltd. Jan 30, 2013

    The Laser-Gard Barrier System, from Honeywell Sperian, is the first of its kind in the industry. The modular design offers a customisable way to securely enclose a laser set-up on an optical table.

  15. Comparing Benefits of Thermal Imaging Cameras & IR Thermometers
    FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions Group (FLIR ATS) Jan 25, 2013

    FLIR Systems has published a comparison of the benefits of using a thermal imaging camera versus an Infrared thermometer for non-contact measurement of temperature across a range of industrial...

  16. The next generation of Stylus Surface Profilers
    LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd Jan 23, 2013

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the new P-7 and P-17 Stylus profilers from KLA Tencor. Applications include:- • Wafers • Thin films • MEMS • Data storage • Hard disks • Roughness

  17. The new Agilent TwisTorr 304 FS Turbomolecular Pump with Floating-Suspension Tec
    Agilent Technologies - Vacuum Products Division Jan 18, 2013

    TwisTorr 304 FS

  18. Vulcan Laser Focuses On Electron Acceleration Experiments
    Optical Surfaces Ltd. Jan 15, 2013


  19. Self-repairing Nano-composite Lubricant Additive(for P.E)
    Guilin Wyman Nanomaterials Co., Ltd Jan 15, 2013

    The additive is applicable for the fields of civil/military/aerospace/aviation/industry/marine and all kinds of engines.

  20. Self-repairing Nano-composite Lubricant Additive(for D.E)
    Guilin Wyman Nanomaterials Co., Ltd Jan 15, 2013

    The additive significantly improves lubricant’s functional properties such as anti-wear, anti-friction, anti-extreme-pressure, sealing, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion.

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