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Electronic recordkeeping in radiation oncology

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Quorum Technologies' market-leading Q-series of bench-top vacuum coaters for electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) and thin-film applications.

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Editor's choice

Jan 19, 2014

A special free-to-read digital edition containing 10 of our very best feature articles on the science and applications of light

In depth: September 2005


A cosmic hall of mirrors

Is there less to the universe than meets the eye?


What is an active column?

Physics World has been redesigned

Subtle are Einstein's thoughts

Einstein, God and religion


Much contemporary history, fiction and philosophy ignores the impact of science on human life and history. Robert P Crease cites some of his favourite examples, and asks for yours

Living in a dodecahedral universe

Welcome to the strange world of cosmic topology


The future of nuclear power

Fission, fusion and the future

Shelf life: Giorgio Margaritondo

Physics with an Italian flavour