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News: December 2008

Obama nominates physicist as science advisor

'Science holds the key to our survival' says incoming US president

The best of 2008

Monthly highlights from the year in physics

Random motion of bacteria could drive micromotors

Tiny organisms could spin a rotor, say physicists

Top UK physics departments tumble in new assessment

Oxford, Imperial and Southampton fall in physics rankings

Experiment verifies Nobel-winning theory

Physicists take important step towards “quantum state engineering”

'Uncontrollable' nuclei sharpen up MRI

The solution to a theoretical puzzle could provide the basis for improved MRI techniques.

Michigan State will host rare isotope facility

New lab will benefit about 1000 researchers

Spinning drops could model black holes

Water droplets take on strange shapes when levitated and spun

Nobel laureate goes to Washington?

Steven Chu tipped to head US Department of Energy

Water confirmed on distant planet

Exoplanet puzzle seems to be solved

Europe plans future research facilities

New roadmap focuses on environmental sciences

Cosmic-ray mystery deepens

High-energy hotspots puzzle cosmologists

LHC will restart end of June 2009

Beams not likely to reach full energy until 2010

Lamb shift spotted in solid qubit

Discovery could help physicists design more robust quantum computers

'Echoes' shine a light on Tycho Brahe's supernova

New light from old supernova tells us how it exploded

Superconductor switches on and off

Discovery could lead to faster and more efficient transistors

New thermometer could help redefine temperature

Tunnel junction relates Kelvin degrees to Boltzmann constant

Is a new force at work in the dark sector?

New theory tries to explain latest dark-matter search results