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News: August 2004

A small step for extrasolar planets

Astronomers have discovered a new class of extrasolar planet

Looking inside a laser pulse

Physicists have directly measured the electric field of a light pulse for the first time

Taking a chance on physics

A British bookmaker is accepting bets on the results of five large physics experiments

New look for NMR

Force-based approach takes magnetic resonance in new direction

German lab wins linear collider contest

Superconducting technology has been chosen for the International Linear Collider

Cryptography system goes underground

The first quantum cryptography bank transfer takes place under the streets of Vienna

New moons galore for the solar system

Astronomers have found five new moons orbiting around Neptune and two more around Saturn

Colder, slower, better

Physicists have measured the velocity of cold anti-atoms for the first time

Closing in on planet formation

Sharpest ever image of a dusk disk could reveal how new planets are formed

Glass breakthrough

Material scientists make ultrahard glass from alumina

Physicists stop forgers in their tracks

Holographic approach reveals tiny differences in handwriting

Particle theorists win Dirac Medal

James Bjorken and Curtis Callan share prize

Examining Newton's darker side

A new play by Carl Djerassi tackles Newton's 30-year-long dispute with Leibniz

New tools for blocked arteries

Biophysicists have made the smallest ever ultrasound probe

Rover reveals magnetic Mars

New results show that almost all dust particles in the Martian atmosphere are magnetic

Faint gamma-ray bursts on the horizon

Astronomers may have discovered a new class of gamma-ray bursts

Women needed for bed-rest study

European Space Agency seeks volunteers to test effect of weightlessness on the human body

Dramatic differences found in matter and antimatter

BaBar scientists see direct CP violation for first time in B mesons