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Modelling the thermoelectric effect

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Lake Shore Cryotronics

Learn about the MeasureReady™ 155 Precision I/V Source. As easy to use as a smartphone, it offers premium performance for researchers requiring a precise, low-noise source of current or voltage in the lab, and provides a solid foundation for users performing I-V curve, Hall effect, resistance and other material measurements.

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Print edition: December 1997


Seeing the spins in solids

1998 Guthrie medal and prize

1998 Paul Dirac medal and prize

1998 Charles Vernon Boys medal and prize

1998 Bragg medal and prize

Eureka -- an inventive approach

Neutrons for the future Finney J, Steigenberger U

Science could be squeezed off the Internet, meeting warned

Black mark for Blackstone

Lords back business angels

Management slated at US labs

Physics in Action

Experiment finds one in a billion

Electric pulses pack a punch

Stark choice for tokamaks

Two images are better than one

Experiment finds one in a billion Peach K


Traffic jams defy physics

New routes to fusion

Einstein's legacy lives on

News & Analysis

New magnets go west

Catastrophe claim splits ESA

Themes and variations

Big gains for small science as research council is overhauled

Subatomic threat to CNRS

Papal eye on the sky

UK rethinks military R&D


Science studies -- what's wrong?


Tunnelling for victory in particle physics

Slippery as an eel

Radar tale picks up US bias

Bell: inventor with a mission

Fifty years of transistor action

Cartoon characters

The ion and the corpuscle

Can time mend a broken watch?

Retracing female routes to success

Stretch out with some polymers

Pi, the elusive ratio

Holes in a final theory?

Fifty years of transistor action

The ion and the corpuscle

Slippery as an eel

Seeing particles

Wade Patterson

Brian Maddock

John Jelley

Adolf Schallamach

Tunnelling for victory in particle physics

Retracing female routes to success

The Life of the Cosmos Lee Smolin

The Quark Machines: How Europe Fought the Particle Physics War Gordon Fraser

The Fire Within the Eye: A Historical Essay on the Nature and Meaning of Light David Park

The Invention That Changed the World: The Story of Radar From War to Peace Robert Buderi

Sounds Out of Silence: A Life of Alexander Graham Bell James Mackay

Crystal Fire: The Birth of the Information Age Michael Riordan and Lillian Hoddeson

Two-fisted Science

Flash of the Cathode Rays: A History of J J Thomson's Electron Per Dahl

Time's Arrows and Quantum Measurement Lawrence S Schulman

Journeys of Women in Science and Engineering: No Universal Constraints Susan Ambrose, Kristin Dunkle, Barbara Lazarus, Indira Nair and Deborah Harkus

Giant Molecules: Here, There and Everywhere... Alexander Yu Grosberg and Alexei Khokllov

The Joy of Pi