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One-dimensional quantum wire: physics and applications at ultra low temperatures

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Print edition: January 1997


100th issue of Physics World

Dinosaurs of the universe

From condensed matter theory to application and back again

Laser action in very white paint

1997 Institute of Physics awards

1997 Paul Dirac medal and prize

1997 Thomas Young medal and prize

1997 Kelvin medal and prize

1997 Guthrie medal and prize

1997 Bragg medal and prize

Call for European collaboration in optics

Establishing Euroscience

Max Planck Society wrestles with budget cuts

The Queen opens the Institute's new headquarters

Education inquiry

News from council

Singapore attraction

Laser action in very white paint Wiersma D, Lagendijk A

In the beginning...

100 highlights from 100 issues

...and in the future

Physics in Action

Probing quantum origins of the classical

High-intensity lasers focus on clusters

Free-electron lasers probe protein dynamics

Hybrid sheds new light on smart windows

High-intensity lasers focus on clusters Schmidt M, Normand D

X-ray emission from Comet Hyakutake exceeds expectations

News & Analysis

Ion traps garner $20m

1997 Wolf prize

Automation for the people

New Cluster jeopardized

EU training could do better

ESF sets up magnetic facility study

Turbulence upsets US fusion community

US leapfrog Japan on HDTV

Plutonium sparks controversy

Research rating rise in the UK

Science funding stays in steady state

Defence: Jobs crisis

Maths standards hold up

Foresight into business

Coventry could close



The changing face of universities in the innovation age


Joint effort required in superconductivity


How to succeed at conferences

Abdus Salam

Neville Robinson

Sir Olliver Humphreys

A handy guide to terra incognita Bishop D

Yakov IIich Frenkel: His Work, Life and Letters Victor Ya. Frenkel

Beyond Science John Polkinghorne

Statistically Speaking ed Carl Gaither and Alma Cavazos-Gaither

Superconductivity of Metals and Cuprates John Waldram