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The optimization of medical accelerators is the goal of a new network within the FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network scheme. Watch this video to learn more about the early-stage researcher opportunities available.

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Print edition: March 1997


Bose-Einstein condensation

Predicted in 1924 and first observed in 1995, the fifth state of matter is now under intense scrutiny

Atomic physics in ion traps

Atom interferometry, spacetime andreality

1997 Harrie Massey medal and prize

Fellows pleased with EU scheme

How universities benefit industry

Promoting new topics

Institute supports national science week events

New status for Belarussian radio-ecology institute

Swedish researchers seek support from foundations

Physics in Action

Physics adores a vacuum

Uplifting sight at low temperature

Laser ions ring local modes first

Quantum dots measure electron interference

Galileo results raise new questions about Ganymede

News & Analysis

Japan leads radio astronomers into space

Old stars are getting younger

ESA shelves long-term science plans

France plans new synchrotron source

Neutron sources

Physicists collaborate

Knowledge taxed

Pipe dream or tunnel vision?

Journal prices campaigner dies

No cash for crash clues

Satellites threaten science

Brash kids push UK to the top

US basic research stays steady



Conduct and misconduct in science


Cold dark matter under attack


Switched on?

Roger Tayler

Yuli Khariton

Nanotechnology: Molecular Speculations on Global Abundance ed B C Crandall

Science of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes M S Dresselhaus, G Dresselhaus and P C Eklund

A History of Modern Planetary Physics Stephen Brush

Shadow of a Star: The Story of Supernova 1987A