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One-dimensional quantum wire: physics and applications at ultra low temperatures

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Quorum Technologies' market-leading Q-series of bench-top vacuum coaters for electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) and thin-film applications.

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Print edition: February 1998


Ultrasound puts materials to the test

Quantum effects clinch Wolf prize

Countries launch campaign for access to ESRF

Physics in Action

Ion beams help diamond rise from the ashes

Quantum friction across the vacuum

Melting the vacuum

Pathfinder leads the way to the red planet


Stand up straight!

Fractals reveal cancer

Fractals reveal cancer ...

...but is nature fractal?

Planets pass the test

News & Analysis

Heavyweight joins neutrino search

From plasma physics to profits

China to go alone

Fourth programme added to 5th framework

France closes neutron source

SPIRAL debuts to mixed fortunes

Government tells CEA; no more PhDs

US workers win productivity battle

Innovators under the probe

Researchers dealt a double blow

Nuclear firms prepare for merger

Bigger role for nuclear body

Russian lab defies closure

Russia restructured

Danes seek meteorite

UK focuses on research strengths and opportunities

Science bids for lottery money

Status quo in the UK


Physics and biology


Social talk

Heated exchange

Taken for granted


Mysteries of space and time

Cutting a fabulous view of diamonds

Talking physics

The Scientist as Consultant, Carl Sinderman and Thomas Sawyer

In Search of Lost Time, Derek York

The Nature of Diamonds, George Harlow (ed)

Litre, cubic metre and five baths full