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One-dimensional quantum wire: physics and applications at ultra low temperatures

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Quorum Technologies' market-leading Q-series of bench-top vacuum coaters for electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) and thin-film applications.

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Print edition: March 1998


Superconducting futures for Europe

Quantum cryptography

Quantum computation

Survey pinpoints the hardest-working students

Physics in Action

Suction power provides a new route to make microdrops

Quantum evaporation reveals Bose condensate in superfluid helium

Pauli principle combats quantum noise


Inkjets display promise

Atom lasers go for gain

G hangs in the balance

News & Analysis

Australia joins Gemini

Teraflop attempt

Space cuts continue

Ministers cut budget

France fails to innovate

French science in a state of flux

Fusion partners vote to cut costs

Germany predicts future markets

The rise and fall of the group of Rome

Euro threat to small firms

Plessey sold to Mitel

Concluding advice

War of words over waste

New physics and materials grants are squeezed

UK demands cash boost

Lobby efforts pay off for US scientists

Clinton appoints physicist as science advisor


2005: a pause for silicon?


Teleportation: who was first?

Knowing reality through society


The solid state at the click of a mouse

Two's company for Pluto

Pluto and Charon: Icy Worlds on the Ragged Edge of the Solar System, Alan Stern and Jaqueline Mitton

Stuff: The Materials the World is Made of, Ivan Amato

Simulations for Solid State Physics: An Interactive Resource for Students and Teachers,

Electoral Science