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Print edition: July 1998


Magnetic resonance and porous materials

Nuclear stockpile generates new science

Physics in Action

Simulations produce weird wires

Cones, creases and crumpled sheets

Stripes penetrate superconductors

Half-metals experience ups and downs

Titanium-44 gets a lifetime


X-rays resolve solar heat

Rydberg states form molecular probes

Nanotubes on display

News & Analysis

CERN takes India off agenda

Scientists reject merged mission

Common framework for Europe moves closer

India backs renewables

Irish examine future of science

Cuts undermine neutrino breakthrough

Dounreay - the final shutdown

Test fallout clouds picture

South Africa plans new telescope

Brookhaven lab faces reviews



Politically correct,


Vibrating to the secrets of space

Coffee, the Milky Way

Copenhagen, Michael Frayn

Impossibility, John Barrow

Ripples on a Cosmic Sea: The Search for Gravitational Waves, David Blair and Geoff McNamara

An evening with the Bohrs

Tempoa mutantur,