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Print edition: March 2000


The rise and rise of the mobile phone

Fractional quantum Hall effects

Physics in Action

Vertical devices take off

Semiconductors put spin in spintronics

Amplifier means gains for atom optics

Seeing first light from extrasolar planet


First for quantum triplets

Molecular condensate

Quantum mirages

News & Analysis

CERN claims quark-gluon first

Astronomers fly higher and smaller

The music of earthquakes

Helping hand for chirality

France goes philosophical

Physical sciences share national wealth

Displays firm signals a global ambition

BT and Corning join forces

What price journals in an electronic era?

World order upset by new citation study

Physicist refuses to bet on the dogs

Pioneer quits Japan for US

UK must improve innovation

Is there life below the ice?


My friend and his hysteretic sandwich


Vision of physics that warrants revision

Lise Meitner and the Dawn of the Nuclear Age, Patricia Rife

Lise Meitner: a nuclear heroine?

What Science Is and How It Works, Gregory Derry

Vision of physics that warrants revision

Muddling Through: Pursuing Science and Truths in the 21st Century, Mike Fortun and Herbert J Bernstein

Science: A messy and clumsy business