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Ray Optics Simulations with COMSOL Multiphysics

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The optimization of medical accelerators is the goal of a new network within the FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network scheme. Watch this video to learn more about the early-stage researcher opportunities available.

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Print edition: September 2000


Hydrodynamics makes a splash

The physics of twisting somersaults

Physics in Action

Magnetism points to molecular asymmetry

Ripples settle surface behaviour

Materials that get fatter when stretched

Breaking through the quantum limit

New exoplanets exposed

SQUIDs pinpoint surgical needles

Old galaxies in a new light

Ripples settle surface behavior

News & Analysis

CERN opens antimatter factory

Top pay to halt brain drain

Lighting up biomedicine

Lure of the life sciences

Corning injects life into BT photonics lab

Female professors: still a rare breed

Women make slow progress in the US

MIT physicists recieve high-profile promotions

BNFL emerges from its nuclear winter

France bids for fusion project

SKA moves one step beyond

Radio telescopes look ahead

Prizes for particle theorists

New award for cosmologists

Results from new B factories

Atoms go quantum computing



The competitive edge in science


Drains on the brain

Let's get emotional about science


Scientific life in the brave new world

Translators as the traitors of science

Supersymmetry makes its case

Supersymmetry: Unveiling the Ultimate Laws of Nature, Gordon Kane

Real Science:What Is It And What It Means, John Ziman

Science in Translation: Movements of Knowledge Through Culture and Time, Scott Montgomery