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Print edition: September 2001


Beating the diffraction limit

From femtochemistry to attophysics

Electromagnetic materials enter the negative age

Welcome to Ireland


When is a constant not a constant?

Enlightenment comes to the cosmic dark age

News & Analysis

Italy faces challange of reform

India - Students shun physics for computing

Elder statesman heads for Cambridge

Physicists continue to shift to life sciences

Europe poised to receive neutron boost

Portable MRI moves closer

New TRIUMF bolsters Canadian physics

Communicating by chaos

Grenoble builds up nanotech research

Europe looks to expand space science

118 discovery claim retracted

Gender gap revealed at A-level

Irish physics reaps rewards

Biophysicist bags Dirac medal

Neutron scatterer honoured

The tragedy of William Sweet


Space feud


The universe in your living room

The true story of Britain's H-bomb tests

The Northern Lights: How One Man Sacrificed Love, Happiness and Sanity to Unlock the Secrets of Space, Lucy Jago

Britain and The H-Bomb, Lorna Arnold

The true story of Britain's H-bomb tests

Space: Our Final Frontier, John Gribbin