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Print edition: January 2002


New frontiers in superconductivity

Metallic, magnetic and organic materials are making novel superconductors

Ferromagnetic superconductors

Physicists overturn the belief that magnetism and superconductivity cannot co-exist

Magnesium diboride: one year on

Last January physicists found that an innocuous compound that had been sitting on the shelf for decades was a record-breaking intermetallic superconductor

Superconductors go organic

Superconductors made from organic molecules are revealing fascinating new physics and could have huge technological potential

Physics in Action

Physics raises food standards

Food manufacturers are adopting ever more sophisticated physics techniques

New vision of magnetic tunnelling

Recent studies suggest that crystal defects may cause the quantum tunnelling of magnetic moments in cold molecular magnets

Classical Wigner crystals move on

A novel device could shed light on the electron crystals that form when low-density electron liquids are cooled to near absolute zero

Experimental attophysics comes of age

Physicists have developed an attosecond "camera" that can reveal electron dynamics

Sensors fit for the road

Designing sensors that can operate in the lab is easy - making them work in real world is much harder

Radio-wave models branch out

New visions of magnetic tunnelling


Paper video

Insulators at the limit

Lasers tune in to liquid crystals

News & Analysis

Pushing for profits from magnesium diboride

Gravitational microlens

"Dismal" future for science

From physics to medicine

An enterprising role with Star Trek

Fusion company comes in from the cold

Solar boost for green fuel

What ever happened to B, C and S?

HP shuts down maths institute

Largest prime number found

It's a small world after all

New body to lead clean up

g-2± some confusion

Europeans are cool towards science

UK research hits new heights

Reprieve for Jodrell Bank


Was Aristotle the first physicist?

Many think that the Greek philosopher impeded science - but Michael Rowan-Robinson disagrees

Critical Point

Compromising peer review


The physics of executions


Dark matter in poetic measure

The wonder of astronomy is expressed in a collection of poems by Rebecca Elson

Getting to grips with the limits of science

Seeking a shortcut to universal wisdom

A Responsibility to Awe, Rebecca Elson

On Science, Brian Ridley

Universality: The Underlying Theory Behind Life, the Universe and Everything, Mark Ward

European best-sellers in 2001


Science policy: the big picture