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One-dimensional quantum wire: physics and applications at ultra low temperatures

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Print edition: August 2002


Quantum theory and the Nobel prize

Prejudice left the pioneers of quantum mechanics unrewarded until 1932

Paul Dirac: seeking beauty

Born 100 years ago this month, Paul Dirac believed that mathematically "beautiful" theories were the most powerful ones

Physics in Action

Tuning in to the early universe

New images of cosmic microwaves reveal the seeds of galaxies

Nanotubes speed up

Transistors made from carbon nanotubes can now rival silicon devices

Physicists see eye to eye with ophthalmologists

Sight-threatening diseases could be detected earlier thanks to physics-based techniques

Molecular simulations break the ice

A new calculation reveals the molecular dynamics that underlies spectroscopy of ice


Defying the second law

Quantum mechanics at large

Short-wavelength lasers shows spatial coherence

News & Analysis

Negative reaction to negative refraction

An unusually heated debate is emerging over a new kind of refraction

Neutrinos aim for the big time

Researchers receive spending windfall

118: a case of misconduct

Nanoscale breakthrough for data-storage research

Nanotech looks long term

Germany backs plans for a linear collider

Reaching for the stars

Europe heads for Venus

Women galore in Lancaster

Physicists win writing prizes

Energy amplifier for India

Pluto probe is the top dog


Reputations at risk

Recent scandals in physics research have not improved its image


Quantum computing with solids

Building quantum computers from solid-state devices will not be easy

Critical Point

Dirty bombs spark war of words


Further challanges in store for energy


Kinetic curiosities and string radios

How to get rich through nanotechnology

Sakharov: A Biography, Richard Lourie

Vacuum Bazookas, Electric Rainbow Jelly and 27 Other Saturday Science Projects, Neil A Downie

The Inventor's Guide to Nanotechnology and Micromachines, Glenn Fishbine

Sakharov, science and freedom

Kinetic curiosities and string radios

How to get rich through nanotechnology

Lateral Thoughts

Between a rock and a hard place