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Modelling biosensors, bioreactors and biological flow

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The optimization of medical accelerators is the goal of a new network within the FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network scheme. Watch this video to learn more about the early-stage researcher opportunities available.

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Print edition: October 2003


The death of a nuclear legend

The controversial life and times of Edward Teller

Utopia theory

Searching for a theory of society

Molecules in space

Astrobiology and the origins of life

Particle accelerators: to the LHC and beyond

The past, present and future of colliders

Physics in Action

Quantum-dot computing

All-optical solid-state quantum-logic gates

Molecules without electrons

Just add lasers and like-charges

Photonic band gaps deliver the goods

Conventional fibre optics beware!

Psychedelic liquid crystals


No need for dark matter

Ultracold gases break records

Biomolecule behaves like a wave

News & Analysis

Why aquitards could be the answer

Inefficient qubits are not fit for the desktop

Huge radio telescope set for Australia

India to build fast-breeder reactor

NASA chastised for safety complacency

Wanted: project manager for world's largest telescope

China set for launch of manned mission

People, particles and purse-strings

Laser thermometer eyes up plasmas

New plays reveal Newton's dark side

Thomas Allibone: 1903-2003

Europe seeks the best postdocs

Car giant puts its faith in fuel cells


Science and society

When physicists talk to the public

How to get the message across

Cheesy problem challenges pupils

Putting the pop into popular science

The power of good publicity

Critical Point

The press is a foreign country


Irish unhappiness

Medical benefits of nuclear physics


Your most beautiful experiments

The top ten experiments in physics

Mysteries of the microcosm made clear

Particle physics made easy - by a Nobel laureate

Critical errors to avoid while presenting

The secrets of speaking in public

The Discovery of Subatomic Particles (2nd edn)


Patently right for inventive minds

Lateral Thoughts

A particular use of words