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Geometry optimization with COMSOL Multiphysics

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The optimization of medical accelerators is the goal of a new network within the FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network scheme. Watch this video to learn more about the early-stage researcher opportunities available.

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Print edition: February 2003


The first objects in the universe

Computer simulations and powerful telescopes probe the first galaxies in the universe

Single photons on demand

Quantum cryptography and information processing may benefit from developments in novel light sources

Ultracold plasmas and Rydberg gases

New physics near absolute zero

Physics in Action

Sunspots reveal their dark side

The latest observations on sunspots have revealed intriguing dark cores

The magnetism of superconductivity

Plutonium has been added to the list of superconductors

The new hot rods of the physics world

Lasers set new record for accelerating particles


Life, death and physics

Spasers come into sharp focus

Nanotechnology is good for the heart

News & Analysis

ESA postpones Rosetta mission

Observatory gutted by fire

India revamps its science policy

Biggest robotic telescope set to shine

Futuristic device defies law

Have we measured the speed of gravity?

Leicester sets up new i-science degree

Resignations put Los Alamos in limbo

Physicists uncertain over higher fees

UK hands out technology cash

Surveys show shortage of scientists

Researchers' anger grows

Janna Levin: Physics - up front and personal

Liquid-mirror telescopes cause a stir

Nanotubes transform into flow sensors


Life after the White Paper

Increased tuition fees will pose problems for physics

Critical Point

The legend of the leaning tower

What did Galileo really do in Pisa?


Pauli's life with no exclusions

Biff, bang, pow - science takes a knock

The blurry line between science fact and fiction

Lovely metre, metre made


Building a career in physics

Lateral Thoughts

Back to school