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The optimization of medical accelerators is the goal of a new network within the FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network scheme. Watch this video to learn more about the early-stage researcher opportunities available.

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Print edition: May 2003


The climatic effects of water vapour

Water in the atmosphere plays a crucial role in the Earth's climate

String theory meets QCD

String theory returns to its roots to describe the interactions of quarks and gluons

Optical interferometry

Light from two or more telescopes allows astronomers to observe the universe at the tiniest angular scales

Physics in Action

The reality of negative refraction

Materials with negative refractive indices do exist

Superconducting quantum computing

Macroscopic circuits behave like single quantum objects

When a little can mean a lot

In a quantum world, a single extra bit can greatly increase the information in a message

A fresh look at hand-held communication devices

Could wearing glasses dramatically change how much radiation the human head absorbs from hand-held mobile devices?


Supernova sheds light on gamma-ray bursts

Solar surgery

Defying gravity

News & Analysis

UK invests in large facilities

Energy research lacks puff

Z machine goes nuclear

Scientists win reprieve

Leading light

Entrepreneur exploits quantum physics

Bismuth provides decay half-life record

Women break the business barriers

Donors invest wealth in basic research

Hot physics

Theorists share Wolf prize

High-Tc on the high seas

Cosmic-ray mystery nears final answer

Martin Rees: astronomer and soothsayer


Europe's gaps in R&D

The EU has set ambitious targets for R&D spending


A model approach to society

Scientists must have a two-way dialogue with the public

Critical Point

Deserving better science


The double-slit experiment with single electrons


John Bardeen: genius in action

The first biography of the only person to win two Nobel Prizes for Physics

Some things never change (or not a lot)

Fundamental physics may have to be rewritten if the constants of nature vary with time

The story of entanglement unentangled

Entanglement lies at the heart of quantum communication and cryptography


A career in product management

Lateral Thoughts

Chaos seems to be the hardest word