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One-dimensional quantum wire: physics and applications at ultra low temperatures

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Quorum Technologies' market-leading Q-series of bench-top vacuum coaters for electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) and thin-film applications.

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Print edition: June 2003


The many worlds of Murray Gell-Mann

Quarks, complexity and much much more

In industry, seeing is believing

Industry looks to electromagnetic tomography

The RHIC gold rush

Physicists may have found evidence for a quark-gluon plasma

Physics in Action

Big break for charge symmetry

Why are neutrons and protons different?

Superconducting wire turns to electrical power

Engineers and entrepreneurs are keen to transform the properties of magnesium diboride into profit

Ripples in a superconducting tidal pool

Images of a cuprate superconductor could shed light on high-temperature superconductivity

New mass for the electron, in theory

Theorists are leading experimentalists in a friendly race to find the mass of the electron

Does time's arrow point in the wrong direction?

Reconciling quantum entanglement with relativity could be possible with two arrows of time


First light for carbon nanotubes

Thermodynamic fractals

Charmed particle puzzles theorists

News & Analysis

Mars probes go in search of life

Netlanders bite the (Martian) dust

Make or break for gravity experiment

MOST aims for the stars

Spotlight on dark matter

Comet mission under threat

Could neutrinos destroy nukes?

Nuclear alchemy

Professing for profit

Ireland backs new vision

Australia faces university reforms

Science and Nature share citation honours

Clio Franklin meets Science Minister

Einstein archives go online

Green light for German neutrons


Ireland invests in the future

R&D is now a top priority for the Irish government


Co-authors are responsible too

Critical Point

Numbers count in all amounts


H stands for hydrogen and humility

Hydrogen and the history of 20th century physics

The art of juggling by numbers

The mathematics of juggling

Faraday with only a little of his science

A new way of looking at Michael Faraday


Making the most of your career

Working with semiconductors

Lateral Thoughts

Amazing octave