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Photonic, plasmonic and multiphysics simulations using CST STUDIO SUITE

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Watch the video about new electromagnet-based VSMs

Lake Shore Cryotronics

Learn about the 8600 Series VSMs, which combine high sensitivity, rapid measurement speed and simple operation in a system capable of characterizing a broad range of materials with unprecedented ease – particularly when performing FORC measurements or measuring low-moment materials.

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Print edition: July 2003


Nature's flawed mirror

Where has all the antimatter gone?

Taking free-electron lasers into the X-ray regime

Free-electron lasers are set to provide researchers with intense femtosecond beams of coherent radiation at vacuum-ultraviolet and X-ray wavelengths

Physics in Action

Distant elements of surprise

Taking a closer look at distant galaxies

The height of frequency standards

Atomic clocks confront geophysics in experiments to measure time

Dawn of the cantilaser

A mechanical laser could pioneer nano-scale experiments

Electrons and nuclei get entangled

Magnetic resonance has enabled the control of quantum systems to move into a new realm

Spin gymnastics at HERA

Greater control of positron-proton collisions will allow physicists to explore how the interactions of elementary particles depend on spin


Neutron star's X-factor

Novel design for protective tiles

Watching nanocrystals grow

News & Analysis

Chemical leak hits neutrino lab

Rising water swamps underground plans

Lab cooks up quark soup

Dancing about physics

Physicist takes up academic hot seat

VIRGO joins the search for gravitational waves

Phil Williams 1939-2003

Uppsala takes over Svedberg lab

Fuel cells could harm the environment

Didier Sornette: Learning from the master of complexity

Laser expert lights up entertainment

Directors star in research experiment

Science gets unlikely hero

Ilya Prigogine 1917-2003


Nano threats and challenges

How to react to fear of nanotechnology


Equity for women in physics

What has happened since the Paris conference on women in physics?

Critical Point

Seeing our own world rotate


All steamed up


Acting out the search for infinity

An exhilarating combination of art and science

Book that does what it says on the cover

A study aid for hard-pressed and hard-up students

Space race fails to take off

The ups and downs of manned spaceflight

Lateral Thoughts

The electron palace