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Photonic, plasmonic and multiphysics simulations using CST STUDIO SUITE

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Watch the video about new electromagnet-based VSMs

Lake Shore Cryotronics

Learn about the 8600 Series VSMs, which combine high sensitivity, rapid measurement speed and simple operation in a system capable of characterizing a broad range of materials with unprecedented ease – particularly when performing FORC measurements or measuring low-moment materials.

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Print edition: August 2003


Quantum criticality in metals

Phase transitions that occur at absolute zero have an impact at much higher temperatures

The rise and rise of medical imaging

The state of the art in medical imaging technology

How particles can be therapeutic

Subatomic particles are proving highly effective in the treatment of cancer

X-rays pinpoint tumour targets

Developments in intensity-modulated radiation therapy

From the laboratory to the patient

Turning medical-physics research into products that hospitals will buy

Lighting up medicine with lasers

Lasers play a central role in modern medicine

The mechanical body

Biomechanics is a hot topic in biomedical engineering

Wanted: multi-talented physicists

A brief history of positron-emission tomography

A brief history of CT

A brief history of ultrasound

A brief history of MRI

Physics in Action

Waves and turbulence cause a stir in superfluids

Turbulent breakthrough in superfluid helium

Magnetic angle for gamma rays

The discovery of polarized gamma-ray bursts suggests that they are powered by strong magnetic fields in the explosions of massive stars

Cooling off with physics

Designing new textures of ice cream is a serious scientific business

Extraterrestrial plasma crystals

Dusty-plasma experiments on the space station reveal 3D crystal growth in zero gravity


Super-fast microscope rides high

Amino acid found in deep space

Cosmic mirage

News & Analysis

Pentaquarks arrive en masse

Superheavy elements: nuclear physicists confirm discovery of element 110

Gang of four head west

Astronomy is stellar field for younger women

Hawking's big night out

A smart way to the Moon

High hopes for extreme magnetic fields

Quickening the pulse in fusion research

Korea joins push for fusion

Gran Sasso plumbs new depths

UK industry given nanotech boost

New BNFL boss faces testing time

Playing Havok with physics

Max Planck institutes face restructure

X-ray firm eyes medicine

Particles win prizes

New mission for former NASA boss

Background man in the foreground

A cosmic approach to research funding


From strength to strength

Medical physics goes from strength to strength

Critical Point

IBM gears up to gene challenge

How do proteins fold?


Women and work


The crazy world of quantum computing

Quantum information made easy

Diving down in search of utopia

Adventures of a 19-th century submariner

Cosmic consequences of an odd noise

A breezy and engaging introduction to the basics of cosmology


How to become a life-saver

Lateral Thoughts

Alcohol and physics seemed a good idea