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Exploring flatlands: characterizing 2D materials with atomic force microscopy

Sponsored by Oxford Instruments Asylum Research

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Watch the video about new electromagnet-based VSMs

Lake Shore Cryotronics

Learn about the 8600 Series VSMs, which combine high sensitivity, rapid measurement speed and simple operation in a system capable of characterizing a broad range of materials with unprecedented ease – particularly when performing FORC measurements or measuring low-moment materials.

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Print edition: December 2004


Superconducting quantum bits

From fundamental physics to quantum information

The forbidden beauty of quasicrystals

How the laws of symmetry were broken

Physics in Action

Turbulent transition for fluids

Closing in on the biggest mystery in classical physics

Back to square one for superfluidity

Hydrogen gets exotic under extreme pressures

Superconductors go large

Giant proximity effect leads to news puzzle in superconductivity

Astrophysics in the lab

Planetary disk models come down to Earth


Geomagnetic storm hits Saturn

Superconductors take an odd turn

Hall effect spin-off

News & Analysis

Decision time for fusion project

IBM system tops supercomputing table

Ink-jet firms join forces to study drops

Harvard heads university rankings

Neutrinos make a comeback in Japan

Denmark boosts space research and astronomy

Lucky break for imaging

Jill Tarter: On the hunt for our cosmic cousins

Harry Collins: Drama, tragedy and gravitational waves

All change at the top in US science

Electrical fire brings lab to a halt

Canada creates science academy

SMART-1 reaches the Moon


The book not read

To read or not to read


Physics for taxi-drivers

Send us your examples of how physics relates to other people

Critical Point

The health effects of radiation


Whistler waves

Quarks for real

EPSRC: Still in the dark about success

European danger


Hot on the trail of Copernicus

Who read De Revolutionibus?

The enigma of J Robert Oppenheimer

Two new biographies of an influential physicist

Feel the fascination of fractals

More than just pretty pictures

Strings, branes and extra dimensions

Far-out physics

Satisfying story of how it all began

A not-so-brief history of the big bang

Niels Bohr: a life in pictures

Quantum cartoons

Analysing the bubbly

Get out the champagne

Shelf life: Lee Smolin

Dawkins yes, Hawking no


Try your hand in a foreign land

Once a physicist: Emyr Jones Parry