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One-dimensional quantum wire: physics and applications at ultra low temperatures

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Print edition: November 2004


The magnetism of carbon

It shouldn't be magnetic but it is

New science at the ultrafast frontier

Applications of attosecond pulses are growing

Molecular devices and machines

Nano-elevators, DNA bipeds and more

Physics in Action

Rovers display spirit of discovery

Mars might have contained less water in the past than we think

There's something in the way you move

Sports science beats friction

Rhythms found in human DNA

Genome data reveal low-frequency patterns

Passive-flight simulator


Law-breaking liquid defies the rules

Nanodevices target viruses

DVD disks shine from all angles

News & Analysis

Strong force earns Nobel prize

Diamond and ISIS get extra beamlines

Renewed call for neutrons

Low-budget test vindicates Einstein

Scholars take government to court

Maurice Wilkins: 1916-2004

Bas Pease: 1922-2004

Europe targets red planet

NASA guilty of upside-down thinking

Santa Fe boss resigns

New X-prizes sought

New money but no new physics

Lattice QCD: more difficult than QED

CERN looks forward to fixed targets


Carbon makes its mark

Nanotubes, fullerenes and much more

We want your feedback

Tell us what you think of Physics World


Science treads the boards

The number of plays with scientific themes is growing

Critical Point

The November revolution


Equation myths

Euler explained


The mismatch of law and science

Tales from the courtroom

The story of El Niño

The power of a tiny ocean current

Shelf life: Frank Wilczek

What is the 2004 Nobel laureate reading?


The risks and rewards of finance

City profile: Han Lee

Once a physicist: John Browne

Lateral Thoughts

How to mention the p-word