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Print edition: January 2005


Ahead of his time

Welcome to Einstein 2005

Five papers that shook the world

Einstein's annus mirabilis

Einstein's random walk

Brownian motion and the reality of atoms

The 1919 eclipse: a celebrity is born

War and peace and relativity

Relativity at the centenary

The renaissance of experimental gravitation

Looking after the image of a legend

Protecting the Einstein brand

Einstein and his love of music

"The most joy in my life has come from my violin"

The search for gravitational waves

Looking for ripples in the fabric of space-time

A very special centenary

Special relativity has stood the test of time

Strange ways of light and atoms

Two more of Einstein's discoveries

Do you play dice?

How much do you know about Einstein?

The power of entanglement

Einstein versus quantum mechanics

The other side of Albert Einstein

Lovers and priority disputes

Einstein's quest for unification

The start of the search for a theory of everything

A brief history of Albert Einstein


Microscopic 'pen' rewrites the rules

Physicists solves desert mystery

Boiling water inside a computer

News & Analysis

Doubts cast over map of cosmos

Quantum cryptography research scoops Descartes prize

Oxbridge tops scientific table

Magnetic effects seen in water

US airports look to terahertz screening

Google adds scholarly search engine

Astronomers oppose move to Dublin

Antarctic ice set to probe the universe

Neutrino detectors in space

NASA seeks new boss. . .

. . . and urged to send shuttle to Hubble

Caltech astronomers given new home

Cold fusion gets luke-warm backing

Congress destroys budget goal

Scottish physicists form a superteam . . .

. . . while Newcastle axes pure physics

Los Alamos looks to uncertain future

New boosts for US neutron therapy

Critical Point

The king is dead. Long live the king!

Einstein was more than a physicist


How to be a patent attorney

Once a physicist: Wolfgang Heckl

Lateral Thoughts

An evening with the Einsteins