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One-dimensional quantum wire: physics and applications at ultra low temperatures

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Print edition: November 2005


Seeing with electrons

Electron microscopes enter a new era

Particle accelerators light up

Photonic crystals join the race

A Hall of spin

Getting to grips with the spin hall effect

Free-electron lasers shine on

Welcome to a new generation of X-ray sources


Simulations reveal metallic superfluid

Cylinders provide new focus for water waves

Physics gives art the edge

Sounding out the Hall effect

Terahertz security imaging prepares for take off

News & Analysis

Nobel spotlight falls on optics

Physicist to lead Germany

Picturing the reality of quarks

Peace prize for atomic watchdog

Eight drops and counting...

Superheroes test laws of physics

Icy grave for polar mission

Physicists braced for gravity

Cosmic-ray observatory to open

Nuclear company set to be sold

Heavy ions found to damage DNA

Can physics accelerate biology?

European limits put MRI at risk

Doing physics off the beaten track

Nanotechnology bridges the commercial divide

US museums to promote nanotechnology

Time: a leap into the dark?


A journey too far

Are humans needed for science in space?


Putting children off physics

The problems with modern textbooks


Against hydrinos

Making students think


A life of genius and tragedy

The enduring fascination of Robert J Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer on stage

The bomb as opera

Judging the stars of Stalin's science

Physics behind the Iron Curtain


A job with a sparkle

Once a physicist: Sir Brian Bender

Lateral Thoughts

Reflections of a grumpy old physicist