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Modelling the thermoelectric effect

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Lake Shore Cryotronics

Learn about the MeasureReady™ 155 Precision I/V Source. As easy to use as a smartphone, it offers premium performance for researchers requiring a precise, low-noise source of current or voltage in the lab, and provides a solid foundation for users performing I-V curve, Hall effect, resistance and other material measurements.

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Print edition: May 2005


Optical clocks

The next generation of atomic clocks could redefine the second

Quantum physics meets classical finance

Path integrals head for the stock market

Wave energy comes of age

Exploiting the power of the seas

Physics in Action

Universe reveals its dark side

The search for dark matter continues

Rocks under pressure

NMR probes damage caused by salt

Exoplanet imaging heats up

Learning more about hot Jupiters

Chaos comes under control

Getting to grips with chaos


Microscope targets crystallization

Nickel nuclei strike gold

Extrasolar planet comes into view

News & Analysis

Europe plans to double research

Fusion seen on table top

Engineer fights prejudice

Evidence for the pentaquark fades

Proton therapy arrives in Europe

The deep religion of Isaac Newton

B-factory back online after shutdown

New NASA boss faces discontent

Test proposed for extra dimensions

On the trail of deep-sea gas sources

Lisa Randall: A life with extra dimensions

Quark-gluon plasma turns liquid

Superlens breakthrough

Terrorists could target spent-fuel pools

Linear collider gets design chief

Martin Rees to head Royal Society

Netherlands opens up nanophotonics


Let's dance

Art and science

Fifty years of atomic clocks

Optical clocks come of age


Dancing to the ideas of Einstein

The story behind Constant Speed

Critical Point

Are accelerators dangerous?


Space successes for UK universities

Ohm still standing

Born, again

In oar out?


The great escape to Wall Street

The life story of a quant

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Shelf life: Graham Farmelo

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How to get a taste for teaching

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