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Print edition: July 2005


The solid-state lighting revolution

The days of incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes are numbered

Physics and the hunt for black gold

Energy companies are exploring new ways to find oil and gas fields

High-temperature uncertainty

Fresh insights into superconductivity in the cuprates

Physics in Action

Exotic meson challenges rules

New particle sets puzzle for theorists

Single spin readout in quantum dots

Another step towards quantum computing

Quarks and gluons get real

Experiments confirm lattice QCD prediction

Neutrons detect order in glass

Fresh insights into a long-standing problem


Fermi gas goes superfluid

Molecular oxygen under pressure to transform

Electron spins feel the squeeze

News & Analysis

For astronomers, size matters

Europe wins fusion prize

Critics question reality of the Big Bang

Computing the course of cosmic evolution

France funds exotic nuclei

Propane powers fuel cells

Lean times ahead for new research boss

Ripples seen in neutrino background

Jack Kilby 1923-2005: Inventor of the microchip dies

SLAC switches its attention to X-rays

Robert Laughlin: Welcome to the age of emergence

Warm words for Einstein dance


Science and the EU

Threats and opportunities for the future

A revolution in lighting

Welcome to solid-state lights

Critical Point

Lessons from graduate school

Welcome to the world of research


Einstein, Egypt and former glories

Proton therapy in Europe

Whitehead theory

Staggered strokes

Field effects

Maths frustrations


Engaging view of emergence

Robert Laughlin's provocative take on physics

A forceful character in particle physics

The life and times of Jack Steinberger

Shelf life: Paul Davies

The prolific author makes his choice


Visas brew trouble for US science

Once a physicist: Michael Duffy

Lateral Thoughts

A radical approach to Kyoto