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One-dimensional quantum wire: physics and applications at ultra low temperatures

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Print edition: September 2005


A cosmic hall of mirrors

Is there less to the universe than meets the eye?

Strange events in the proton

Where does the proton's magnetic moment come from?

Explorer of stars and souls: Arthur Stanley Eddington

The father of modern theoretical astrophysics

The road to miniaturization

Pushing Moore's law to the limit


Laser rotation sheds light on axions

The ups and downs of doping superconductors

Kinetic waves point to reconnection

Neutrinos open window on Earth's core

Innovation: Antennas focus on plasma technology

News & Analysis

Europe plans laser-fusion facility

How high is your h-index?

German lab focuses on free-electron lasers

Paper fingerprints could combat fraud

Energy: Something for everyone in the US

John Bahcall 1934-2005: Solar-neutrino pioneer dies

New cash for UK weapons centre

Mines battle for underground lab

Au revoir RSVP

Disputed planet ignites debate

Steve Koonin: A physicist's view of energy supply

Hydrogen results cause controversy


What is an active column?

Physics World has been redesigned

Living in a dodecahedral universe

Welcome to the strange world of cosmic topology


Subtle are Einstein's thoughts

Einstein, God and religion

Critical Point


Much contemporary history, fiction and philosophy ignores the impact of science on human life and history. Robert P Crease cites some of his favourite examples, and asks for yours


Getting software right

First for LEDs

The pull of industry

A turn on the rudder

Cows and climate


The future of nuclear power

Fission, fusion and the future

The life of astronomy's brightest star

Two new biographies of Fred Hoyle

Shelf life: Giorgio Margaritondo

Physics with an Italian flavour


Once a physicist: Alok Jha

The price of physics

European dreams turn real

Dirac medal for condensed matter

Lateral Thoughts

The greatest equation in physics