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Simulating Heat Transfer with COMSOL®: Knowing Your Material Properties

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Watch the video, Introduction to Virtual NanoLab as GUI for VASP

QuantumWise A/S

In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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Print edition: December 2006


James Clerk Maxwell: a force for physics

Celebrating Maxwell Year

Colourful calculations

The power of lattice QCD

Active galactic nuclei

On the trail of massive black holes


Baryon bonanza

Supersolid dilemma

Moon's surface is alive and gassing

Physics research gets between the sheets

The ties that bind

News & Analysis

Physicists who fancy a flutter

The lure of scientific betting

US astronomers face swingeing cuts

Power without wires

Scientists welcome election results

Antiprotons pack a greater punch

Hubble to get a new lease of life

Science minister stands down

UK seals fate of radioactive waste

Clean-up costs must be nailed down

The Cape of good hope

Sunny future for clean water

Physicists who fancy a flutter

Muon users consider going it alone

Kavli comes to Cambridge

New security breach at Los Alamos

Silent skies

Designing nanofactories in a sandpit

Physicists unveil skin tester


A global venture

Bringing African science alive

Hidden genius

Why Maxwell is so obscure

Critical Point

The book of nature

Galileo's famous metaphor


Religious reactions

Almost everything

A still finer point

Forgotten genius


Simply the best

Searching for top science books

A novel approach to Gödel and Turing

Top thinkers brought together

The physics of everything

Explaining the science of everyday technology

Simply the best

A novel approach to Godel and Turing

The physics of everything


A meeting of science and politics

Once a physicist: Goery Delacote

Lateral Thoughts

Quiz of the year

Test your knowledge of this year's physics events

Quiz of the year 2006