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The optimization of medical accelerators is the goal of a new network within the FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network scheme. Watch this video to learn more about the early-stage researcher opportunities available.

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Print edition: December 2007


Dark energy: the decade ahead

The enduring mystery of the accelerating universe

Fortran faces the future at 50

Why physicists still love Fortran

Where is the centre of the Earth?

The challenges of determining the location and speed of our planet's heart


What's hit your mailbox?

Technology gets spooky

Swiss voters become entangled

Maxwell in bronze


Cosmic rays traced to black holes

Sand could shed light on quark–gluon plasma

Semiconductor bends light the wrong way

Bullet-proof nanotubes

Sensors on the brain

News & Analysis

German ion facility gets the go-ahead

India digs deep to regain past glories

UK plans to withdraw from Gemini telescopes

Europe maps out its plans for space exploration

MRI in Europe gets a reprieve

Journal to support astronomy outreach

Physicist takes the helm at top oceanographic institute

IAEA sees bright future for nuclear power

Chinese satellite reaches the Moon

Scotland aims high with space bid

Best universities revealed

Nuclear partnership urged to slow

BAE Systems slips down R&D chart

The caves of cosmic silence

The video revolution made simple


Dark passions

Understanding the accelerating universe is almost as difficult as deciding who should gain credit for its discovery


A dark future for cosmology

Lawrence Krauss on why we will never understand the true nature of dark energy

Critical Point

Dark Energy

Robert P Crease describes the discovery of the accelerating universe


Physics and faith are worth debating


The land before time

Do we live in a cyclic universe?

Physics books crossword

Creative thinking

A physics chauvinist tackles Islam

Colliding personalities

Adventure with the Hawkings

Live hamsters need not apply

Anyone for doughnuts?

A numbers game

Physicists on the couch

All you never wanted to know

The meaning of mathematics

The heat is on


The business of medical physics

The rewards and challenges of becoming a medical physicist in industry

Careers and people

Once a physicist: Alastair Reynolds

The jump from space science to science fiction

Lateral Thoughts

Quiz of the year 2007

Test your knowledge of this year's events in physics