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The optimization of medical accelerators is the goal of a new network within the FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network scheme. Watch this video to learn more about the early-stage researcher opportunities available.

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Print edition: May 2007


The quantum solid that defies expectation

Testing claims for a supersolid

Turning physicists into quantum mechanics

The importance of class size

Seeking to solve the mystery of ball lightning

Recreating ball lightning in the lab


MiniBooNE rules out fourth neutrino

Nantubes chill chips

Physicists take on the Andes

Superlenses sharpen up

Geomagnetic sensors prepare for take-off

News & Analysis

The tale of the blogs' boson

Fermilab, the media and claims of a Higgs

Magnet failure could delay the LHC

A new VISTA of the universe

Gravity probe gives Einstein costly test

Can physics really prove the existence of God?

Australia opens X-ray and nuclear lab

German lab plans high-field magnet


US firm pursues thorium power

Destination Moon

Missile researchers cleared of fraud

Detector starts gravity-wave hunt

A cone, not a dome

Astronomers benefit from medical software

Budget boost for research


Back to the Moon

Towards a lunar base


A model of innovation

Critical Point

Tale of two anniversaries

Brookhaven's new challenges


Gender issues in physics

Nuclear priorities

Losing the plot

Incredible physics

Bright idea


Case not proven

Proving God: a category error

Hungarian side of the bomb

The Martians of Science

Blog life: Not Even Wrong

The string critic speaks

Harnessing gravity

Robots 1 Humans 0?

The other 96%


How to become a European champion

Get your share of research funding

Once a physicist: Burnaby Q Orbax

Fire balls inspired the study of physics

Careers and people

Lateral Thoughts

Counting the femtokelvins