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One-dimensional quantum wire: physics and applications at ultra low temperatures

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Quorum Technologies' market-leading Q-series of bench-top vacuum coaters for electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) and thin-film applications.

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Print edition: May 2008


The heat is on

Glaciers, satellite technology and climate change

GLAST goes for blast-off

NASA's GLAST gamma-ray mission is set to shed light on some of nature's most extreme astrophysical processes

Radioactivity doubles up

The direct detection of two-proton decay is opening a window onto the nuclear force


Einstein gets in the zone

Energy, mass and Mariah

Courting controversy

Audio's holy grail


Iron rocks the high-Tc world

Single photons in space

Neutrons probe magnetic fields

An emotional test

The memory race is on

News & Analysis

Giant of physics John Wheeler dies

LIGO upgrade boosts search for gravitational waves

NASA science boss quits amid cash woes

Underwater telescope hunts neutrinos

EADS Astrium to buy Surrey Satellites

UK unveils plans for new light source

Telescope network in seventh heaven

NASA extends Cassini mission

China set to join world synchrotron elite

Europe plans world-beating laser

Budget cuts threaten UK's role in two LHC experiments

Physicist sets up pioneering science park in India

Slow clean-up for fast reactor

Mind the hack

Do science embargoes benefit or hinder science communication?


Embargoed science

Embargoes may have their faults but they mask wider problems in science communication

Passing of a legend

The death of John Wheeler has robbed physics of one of its last links with Bohr and Einstein


Towards a European funding union

Critical Point

The Bohr paradox

Robert P Crease explains why Niels Bohr's towering role in the history of physics can be difficult to appreciate


GCSE science — a dual problem

Radar matters

Coming clean


Mission impossible

Gordon Fraser examines media-darling Michio Kaku's views on the physics of the impossible

Echoes and images

Blog Life: Star Stryder

Pamela Gay on life as an astronomer and science communicator

Roll of the dice

Particle stories


Success is in the bank

Life as a physicist at the Bank of England

Once a physicist: Ian Leigh

From the National Physical Laboratory to director of Postwatch

Lateral Thoughts

An outreach adventure