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Editor's choice

Jan 19, 2014

A special free-to-read digital edition containing 10 of our very best feature articles on the science and applications of light


Cornering the Higgs boson

Michael Riordan continues his tale of the hunt for the Higgs boson

The academic pyramid

Margaret Harris investigates the scarcity of permanent academic posts for PhD-trained physicists

My life on Mars

Ashley Dale recounts his experiences during a two-week stint at the Mars Desert Research Station, a facility in the Utah desert

Exhibition will showcase the latest vacuum technologies

Nanotechnology and big science will feature at this year's Vacuum Expo in Coventry, UK

Credit where credit's due?

Magdolna Hargittai gets to the bottom of the debate on whether female physicist Chien-Shiung Wu should have received a share of the 1957 Nobel prize

Delving into extra dimensions

Henrik Melbéus and Tommy Ohlsson look at the mind-bending theories of extra dimensions

Oscar Pistorius is helping to redefine 'disability'

James Dacey explores the controversial scientific debate about whether Oscar Pistorius's running blades give him an unfair advantage

The long road to the Higgs boson

Michael Riordan looks back at how the Higgs boson was predicted and the first quarter century of experimental searches for it

100 years of cosmic rays

A century on from the discovery of cosmic rays, Alan Watson examines the remaining mysteries

Material advantage?

In a great sporting performance, how much of that is down to the athlete and how much to the technology they are using? Steve Haake investigates

The quantum game of life

Can our universe be modelled as a giant computer? Pablo Arrighi and Jonathan Grattage describe recent advances in the "digital physics" project

In the wake of Fukushima

Steven Judge and Hiroyuki Kuwahara report on efforts to monitor radioactive contamination in areas near Japan's stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station

Venus: it's now or never

As next month's transit of Venus nears, Jay M Pasachoff examines the science and history of these exceptionally rare events

The perfect storm

Richard Corfield investigates the science behind the sinking of the Titanic

How to forecast an earthquake

Edwin Cartlidge investigates the latest in earthquake forecasting