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Editor's choice

Jan 19, 2014

A special free-to-read digital edition containing 10 of our very best feature articles on the science and applications of light


Patenting science

Do patents hinder fundamental research? Robert P Crease wants your view

Feynman's failings

Why, asks Robert P Crease, do people still love Richard Feynman's Lectures on Physics 50 years after they were first published?

The spot in the shadow

Robert P Crease shows just how hard it can be to assign credit for a scientific discovery

Moving the goalposts

Robert P Crease finds that a new book on string theory offers progress for the philosophy of science

Longing for Laputa

Robert P Crease wonders whether scientists shouldn't rule the world after all

Deciding with science

Robert P Crease wonders why scientific input to important policy issues is so often ignored when it's actually critical

Raising funds to support physics

Peter Knight calls for your help to expand the work of the Institute of Physics

Dramatizing science

Robert P Crease finds that writing a play about science – even a short one – is harder than it seems

Just-in-time physics

Robert P Crease sees if it's possible to study physics by learning only what you need to finish a project

The Treiman effect

Robert P Crease praises the clear thinking of the late Princeton theorist Sam Treiman

The new idols

Robert P Crease wonders who would today be on Francis Bacon's list of "idols" that hamper our study of nature

Diversifying physics

MIT students and faculty believe that diversity is the key to success

Why humour matters

Robert P Crease wants your funny tales from physics

Measuring culture

Physicists can measure objects but, asks Robert P Crease, can they measure values too?

The quantum moment

Robert P Crease on why quantum mechanics is now as culturally significant as Newtonian mechanics