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Editor's choice

Mar 10, 2014

Download your free copy of our special issue "New ways to teach and learn physics", which is packed with the latest techniques, tips and trends in physics education


Web life

AstroBetter is a website dedicated to helping astrophysicists do lots of stuff, better

Between the lines

Books about science for children and young adults, reviewed by Margaret Harris

Fuelling the thorium dream

An advocate's account of thorium's potential as an energy source, reviewed by Jess Gehin

Forming a critical mass of experts

A book about how the nuclear profession developed, reviewed by Geoff Vaughan

The why and how of it all

Two books about why the universe bothers to exist, reviewed by Tim Maudlin

Von Neumann's computer

A book on the early history of practical computers, reviewed by Martin Campbell-Kelly

Vital forces

A rare popular-science book on biophysics, reviewed by Richard Jones

What made Bell Labs special?

A history of Bell Labs, reviewed by Andrew Gelman

Between the lines: Christmas special

A bumper crop of books reviewed by Margaret Harris and Tushna Commissariat

Soft matter's charismatic pioneer

A biography of Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, now available in English translation, reviewed by Tom McLeish

Between the lines

A graphic novel about the first atomic bomb and a biography of the anti-nuclear campaigner Joseph Rotblat, reviewed by Margaret Harris

A strange cat in Dublin

A new biography of Erwin Schrödinger, reviewed by Cormac O'Raifeartaigh

Web life

Ask Nature: a whole website devoted to biomimicry and its many applications

The physics of sport – readers' pictures

A selection of images from the Physics World photo challenge

The science of Prometheus

A collection of essays by the cosmopolitan chemist Roald Hoffmann, reviewed by Seymour Mauskopf