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Culture, history & society

Vacuum Plus Ltd 14-Jun-2000

Vacuum Plus are an INDEPENDENT manufacter of HIGH QUALITY spare parts for the vacuum pump industry. We supply spare parts for the major OEM products at upto 40% less than OEM list prices. We will also supply individual spares. As well as supplying…

MMR Technologies, Inc. 13-Nov-2000

MMR Technologies manufactures Temperature Controlled Systems -- Cryogenic Cooling Systems and Wide Temperature Range Thermal Stages -- which find application in the characterization of thermoelectric materials (Seebeck effect) and semiconductor…

Synopsys, Optical Solutions Group 25-Apr-2013

Develops and supplies industry-leading optical and illumination design software: CODE V®, LightTools®, and the RSoft products. Also provides engineering consulting services.

McPherson 25-Apr-2013

Spectrometers, monochromators & systems for Spectroscopy for better fwhm spectral resolution, throughput, or vacuum ultraviolet accessibility. Available for X-ray, Vacuum, UV, Visible and IR wavelengths. Vacuum models available in most designs.

Pfeiffer Vacuum 25-Apr-2013

Pfeiffer Vacuum. A Passion for Perfection.

The Optoelectronics Company Ltd 25-Apr-2013

The Optoelectronics Company,is a manufacturer of high performance custom-designed and standard laser diode modules and aauthorised distributor of Oclaro (Opnext) Laser Diodes and Panasonic Lenses.

OWIS GmbH 16-Apr-2013

OWIS GmbH was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Staufen, in South-Western Germany. The company develops, produces, distributes and services optical beam handling as well as positioning systems – still according to the maxim »Made in Germany«.

Moxtek, Inc. 10-Apr-2013

Moxtek is a leading supplier of advanced nano-optical and x-ray components used in display electronics, imaging, and analytical instrumentation.

HORIBA Scientific 02-Apr-2013

Leading manufacturer of Raman, fluorescence & elemental spectroscopic instruments: Raman, FLIM & EDXRF microscopes, steady-state/lifetime spectrofluorometers, spectroscopic ellipsometers, endpoint detectors, CCDs, and optical and TCSPC components.

Piezo Technologies 21-Mar-2013

We can deliver your complete ultrasonic measurement solution with our in-house design-to-production capabilities. We build piezoceramic products including sensors and tranducers that withstand high temperatures and high pressures.

Imagine Optic 12-Mar-2013

Europe's leading manufacturer of Shack Hartmann Wavefront sensors and adaptive optic technologies: quality, precision & experience in wavefront metrology & adaptive optics for high power lasers and micrsoscopy

Imagine Optic 12-Mar-2013

Imagine Optic is a leading provider of wavefront analysis and adaptive optics solutions for lasers and microscopy. Our products combine unrivalled precision, robust functionality and ease of use to customers in science and industry alike.

Spectrum Metrology Ltd 04-Feb-2013

Spectrum Metrology: authorised agent for the Taylor Hobson range of autocollimators (measuring: Angle, Straighness, Squareness, Parallelism), Electronic Levels and Clinometers (measuring: Level/Flatness, Straightness, Twist, Squareness, Angle)

Lasermet Ltd 01-Feb-2013

Lasermet designs, manufactures and installs laser safety interlock controllers, LED signs, shutters, passive laser cabins, active laser guarding enclosures, laser blocking screens, curtains, blinds to EN60825; power meters, training and testing.

Oelabs Inc 31-Jan-2013

OELABS Inc is a specialist supplier to the photonics market and we are committed to excellence in the quality of service and products that we provide to customers

VAT Vacuum Products Limited 14-Mar-2007

VAT Vacuum is a major player in the development, manufacture and sale of vacuum valves for the semiconductor and vacuum coating industries as well as for the research sector.

Henniker Scientific Ltd. 23-Jan-2013

Components, instruments & systems for UHV, thin film deposition, surface, plasma & gas analysis. - Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers - Ion/Electron/UV/X-Ray Sources - E-Beam & Thermal Evaporators - Plasma Diagnostic Instruments - Custom Systems

Guilin Wyman Nanomaterials Co., Ltd 15-Jan-2013

We are committed to researching and developing high quality metal nanopowders and their follow-up products that enable customers to improve their performance and make them more competitive while lowering the environmental impact.

Kinheng international holding Co., Ltd 08-Jan-2013

Kinheng grow scintillator including NaI(Tl), CsI(Tl), CsI(Na), BGO and LYSO whic are were widely used in High energy physics, Oil logging industry, X-ray and Gamma ray detection etc in the end user application.

LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd 08-Jan-2013

LOT suppling leading edge scientific instrumentation to the following areas: biotechnology, cryogenics/magnetics, imaging, spectroscopy, materials analysis and nanotechnology.

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