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Astronomy, astrophysics & cosmology

For the latest news, features and products in astronomy, astrophysics & cosmology


James Webb Space Telescope completes final cryogenic testing

Flash Physics: need-to-know updates from the world of physics

Cold atoms in space could target gravitational waves

Atom interferometers could be more effective than light-based instruments

Pulsars could reveal nanohertz gravitational waves within 10 years

Colliding supermassive black holes could soon come into view

Fractured, watery core key to Enceladus's long-lived ocean

Tidal heating keeps Saturnal moon warm

In depth

Cassini’s grand finale

With the Cassini craft due to plunge into Saturn on 15 September, Joshua Colwell explains the scientific secrets it has revealed over the last 20 years

Spacecraft in extreme environments

Keith Cooper explores the challenges of designing instruments that can handle the toughest conditions in our solar system

Web life: Eclipse America

A blog from the American Astronomical Society about next month’s total solar eclipse in the US

Web life: Hogg's Research

A blog about the latest research and developments in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology