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Astronomy, astrophysics & cosmology

For the latest news, features and products in astronomy, astrophysics & cosmology


Cassini provides a magnetic mystery

Flash Physics: need-to-know updates from the world of physics

Spinning black holes could grow long hair

Evidence for ultralight bosons could be found in gravitational waves

How to detect gravitational waves using superfluid helium

New measurement method could focus on pulsars

Roger Penrose asks if a cyclic cosmology is lurking in LIGO noise?

Flash Physics: need-to-know updates from the world of physics

In depth

Web life: Eclipse America

A blog from the American Astronomical Society about next month’s total solar eclipse in the US

Between the lines

Books about food and physical stimuli, quantum mechanics and physics diagrams, reviewed by Matin Durrani, Tushna Commissariat and Sarah Tesh

Web life: Hogg's Research

A blog about the latest research and developments in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology

Between the lines

Books about Caroline Herschel and Mars, reviewed by Kate Gardner and Tushna Commissariat