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Astronomy, astrophysics & cosmology

For the latest news, features and products in astronomy, astrophysics & cosmology


TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets could harbour significant amounts of water

All seven worlds circling a red dwarf could be habitable, say astronomers

Quasar outflows may create molecules, as well as destroying them

Feedback in active galaxies is more complex than previously thought

Satellite galaxies of Centaurus A defy dark-matter model

Latest observation concurs with previous studies of the Milky Way and Andromeda

Does general relativity violate determinism inside charged black holes?

Unpredictable future could be revealed by gravitational waves

In depth

The long road to Mars

Stephen Ornes explores the technological and physiological challenges facing scientists as they endeavour to get humans to the red planet by the 2030s

Let's start at the very beginning

Origins is an illuminating account of the science behind the creation of the universe, and much more, writes Sabine Hossenfelder

A new cosmic messenger

Imre Bartos gives the low-down on the Physics World Breakthrough of the Year for 2017, in which two neutron stars were seen to collide from the gravitational waves and electromagnetic radiation they emitted

To the Moon and back

Apollo: the Extraordinary Visual History of the Iconic Space Programme is a beautifully designed coffee-table book full of every fact you might ever want to know about the Apollo missions, says Kate Gardner