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Spain and Chile will host next-generation gamma-ray observatory

Cherenkov Telescope Array will study the most energetic events in the universe

Bountiful buckyballs resolve interstellar mystery

C60 molecules might abound in the universe

US astronomers call for a new space telescope with a giant 12 m mirror

Proposed Hubble successor would launch in the 2030s

Pluto comes into focus as New Horizons nears the dwarf planet

Spacecraft will soon be just 12,500 km from Pluto

Astroparticle physics funding in the UK is 'critically low', says Institute of Physics

Report says British researchers should expand leadership roles in international projects

Upgraded LIGO will begin hunt for gravitational waves soon

First data from Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory expected in September

Does time dilation destroy quantum superposition?

Interplay between gravity and quantum mechanics should be observable on Earth

Getting the best glimpse of first-generation stars in the universe

VLT sees the brightest distant galaxy and signs of 'population III' stars

US cosmic-ray observatory set for expansion

Telescope Array in the Utah desert plans to quadruple in size

Philae comet lander wakes up from hibernation mode

Probe could restart science operations soon

Nascent 'Kuiper belt' seen encircling nearby star

Discovery could help us understand how the early solar system evolved

E-mail triggers row over Hawaii telescope

American Astronomical Society president calls for "respectful discourse"

IceCube neutrinos do come in three flavours after all

New analyses suggest that there is no new physics in high-energy neutrino data

Highly charged ions could measure changes in fine-structure constant

Measurements on Earth could help us understand light from distant quasars

UK beats Italy to host SKA headquarters

Giant radio telescope's HQ will be at Jodrell Bank, despite a "compelling" bid from its rival