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Atomic, molecular & optical physics

For the latest news, features and products in atomic, molecular & laser physics


Luminescent paint makes LiFi networks more secure

Phosphorescent surfaces could even transmit after light source switched off

Continuous atom laser one step closer, say physicists

New way of cooling atoms is unveiled

Qubits transferred between atomic gas and a crystal

System uses optical fibre and three different photons

Quantum simulators shed new light on magnetic phase transitions

Separate experiments use ions and Rydberg atoms for qubits

In depth

The return of supersolids

Stephen Ornes reports on how two groups may have finally observed supersolids

Decoding the quantum horizon

Patrick Hayden and Robert Myers describe how “qubits” may hold the key to quantum gravity

From weapons to white dwarfs

Edwin Cartlidge examines “academic access” programmes at military research centres

A light-connected world

Harald Haas explains how ordinary LED light bulbs could become our portals to the digital world thanks to a new wireless communications network that uses visible light