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Editor's choice

Mar 10, 2014

Download your free copy of our special issue "New ways to teach and learn physics", which is packed with the latest techniques, tips and trends in physics education

In depth: Biological & medical physics

Oscar Pistorius is helping to redefine 'disability'

James Dacey explores the controversial scientific debate about whether Oscar Pistorius's running blades give him an unfair advantage

Web life

Engineering Sport: a blog about sport for the scientifically curious

Material advantage?

In a great sporting performance, how much of that is down to the athlete and how much to the technology they are using? Steve Haake investigates

In the wake of Fukushima

Steven Judge and Hiroyuki Kuwahara report on efforts to monitor radioactive contamination in areas near Japan's stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station

Neutrons for the future at the Institut Laue-Langevin

Andrew Harrison talks about how the Grenoble lab hopes to maintain its world-class position

Licence to stun

David Wilkinson describes how physicists helped test the safety and effectiveness of less-lethal weapons

Coming soon to a field near you

Richard Taylor investigates the biophysics and mathematics of crop-circle art

Between the lines

Books on the physics of animals, humans and cars, reviewed by Margaret Harris

Seeking advice

Looking for a job? Margaret Harris sees what help is at hand for physics graduates finding their way in the job market

Not slippery when wet

Jan-Henning Dirks on the mystery of how flies can crawl upside down

Absence of evidence

Peter Williams weighs up a controversial book challenging the convention that there is no safe level of radiation

Urban cool

Summer in the city can be stifling, but appropriate surfaces and vegetation can cool us off, says Roland Ennos

Damage limitation

Treating tumours with hadrons rather than X-rays has many benefits for patients, as John Gordon explains

Finding the secrets of life

Michael P H Stumpf recalls the life of DNA pioneer Francis Crick

From ray-gun to Blu-ray

Fifty years after their invention, Sidney Perkowitz examines the huge impact of lasers on science, culture and everyday life