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Statistical, mathematical & computational physics

For the latest news, features and products in statistical, mathematical & computational physics


Putting a damper on wobbly bridges

New model explains why some bridges oscillate when walked on

Analogue black hole could be made from plasma mirror

Proposed experiment could test information-loss paradox

Audio and visual highlights of 2016

String wars, Native American voices and the many faces of physics

Flash Physics: Asteroid missions, mathematical physicist bags C N R Rao Prize, ultrashort electron emission

Today's selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics

In depth

The one scale that rules them all

Geoffrey West's suggestion – that all complex organisms obey a few simple scaling laws – is rigorous and convincing, says author and science writer Jennifer Ouellette

Web life: Quantum Frontiers

Written by researchers at the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter at Caltech, this blog deals with the latest advances in quantum systems and technologies

A quantum boost for machine learning

Maria Schuld describes how researchers plan to enhance machine learning using quantum computation

Joel’s conference

Robert P Crease meets the US statistical physicist famed for his unique scientific meetings

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Innovation and industry

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Special collection

Papers by winners of the Fields Medal

Explore a collection of 65 papers written by mathematicians who have won the Fields Medal.

Read the collection now

(Image courtesy: Stefan Zachow)