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Editor's choice

Jan 19, 2014

A special free-to-read digital edition containing 10 of our very best feature articles on the science and applications of light

In depth: Statistical, mathematical & computational physics

Random walk to quantum computing

Google’s hardware lab’s Rami Barends describes his unorthodox route through academia and what it’s like attempting to build a quantum computer

What makes a mathematician

Margaret Harris enjoys the diverse collection of top mathematical geniuses profiled in Significant Figures by Ian Stewart

The one scale that rules them all

Geoffrey West's suggestion – that all complex organisms obey a few simple scaling laws – is rigorous and convincing, says author and science writer Jennifer Ouellette

Web life: Quantum Frontiers

Written by researchers at the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter at Caltech, this blog deals with the latest advances in quantum systems and technologies

A quantum boost for machine learning

Maria Schuld describes how researchers plan to enhance machine learning using quantum computation

Joel’s conference

Robert P Crease meets the US statistical physicist famed for his unique scientific meetings

Bright ideas and their architects

Stephen Wolfram's collection of essays details big ideas and the people who thought of them, although some of the tales are rather partial, says Tony Mann

Web life: Ice Flows

Guide penguins to their Antarctic feeding grounds and learn about the behaviour of ice sheets in the Ice Flows game

Between the lines

An analysis of science under Stalin and a memoir/stargazing guide with a difference, reviewed by Margaret Harris

Finding the right boundaries

Roger Penrose’s book on “fashion, faith and fantasy” in physics asks excellent questions, but reviewer Chanda Prescod-Weinstein finds some of the answers wanting

Between the lines

Books about the science of cities and artificial intelligence, plus a film about Russia’s nuclear “closed city”, reviewed by Margaret Harris and James Dacey

Web life: Azimuth

The official blog of the Azimuth project, which promotes interdisciplinary work on climate change and environmental science

Between the lines

Books on the 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens, the physics of golf and pioneering women in science, reviewed by Margaret Harris

Between the lines

A book of mathematical detective stories (yes, really) and a graphics-heavy guide to "science, but not as we know it", reviewed by Margaret Harris

Web life: Gravity and Levity

Tackling the big ideas in physics in a deep but often mathematically simple way