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Editor's choice

Jan 19, 2014

A special free-to-read digital edition containing 10 of our very best feature articles on the science and applications of light

In depth: Statistical, mathematical & computational physics

Mathematics and prejudice

Edward Frenkel's love letter to the mathematics that captivates him is "a book to read to be inspired to learn maths," writes reviewer William Gasarch

Classically quantum

Jon Cartwright explores a macroscale analogy of quantum mechanics

Can we unify quantum mechanics and gravity?

Sabine Hossenfelder has little doubt that we will be able to

Can we exploit the weirdness of quantum mechanics?

John Preskill says that harnessing quantum entanglement is key to making quantum computers

Between the lines

An insider’s guide to the Curiosity rover, a history of fusion and a guide to difficult mathematical problems, reviewed by Margaret Harris

Explaining the second quantum revolution

Jonathan Jones finds much to appreciate in this experimentally-minded guide to quantum information theory

Redefining temperature

Michael de Podesta reveals how he has measured temperature more accurately than ever before

Between the lines

A play about Newton and books about Internet spam and quantum randomness, reviewed by Margaret Harris

The life of psi

Jon Cartwright explores whether wavefunctions are physically real

Web life

A website full of beautiful and intriguing MRI scans of, er, fruits and vegetables

The knotted strands of life

Davide Marenduzzo and colleagues explore the physics of DNA knots

Web life

A Web-based repository of teaching tools and other resources on quantum mechanics

An iconoclast's career

A new biography of Freeman Dyson, reviewed by Philip Anderson

Between the lines

Books on mathematics and Albert Einstein's practical side, reviewed by Margaret Harris

The quantum moment

Robert P Crease on why quantum mechanics is now as culturally significant as Newtonian mechanics