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Editor's choice

Mar 10, 2014

Download your free copy of our special issue "New ways to teach and learn physics", which is packed with the latest techniques, tips and trends in physics education

In depth: Statistical, mathematical & computational physics

Seeking advice

Looking for a job? Margaret Harris sees what help is at hand for physics graduates finding their way in the job market

Creating Gyrangle

Robert P Crease is enthralled by an exotic structure made of 490 hollowed-out triangles

Exciting structures

Len Fisher reviews Mark Denny's new book "Super Structures" – all you need to know about trusses

Web life

Physics and cake

Knowledge from a vast effort

Rasmus Benestad looks at the link between computer models, politics and global warming

Quantum computing...with a twist

Steve Simon explains why the theory of knots could play a role in quantum information processing

Web life

Confused at a Higher Level – life in the physics department of a small liberal arts college in the US

I'm a football fan...get me out of here

Physics can help crowds to exit safely from stadia, says Andreas Schadschneider

Black holes revealed

M Coleman Miller looks at the work of black-hole pioneer Roy Kerr

You're so predictable

Despite the spontaneity we think that we exhibit, our behaviour is far more predictable than we may admit, as Albert-László Barabási explains

A remade tapestry

Joshua Socolar examines nature's beautiful patterns

Between the lines

Why, oh why, oh why?, the science of complexity, a brief history of cosmology

The value of simulation

Flavio H Fenton is unhappy with the view that all is not well in the world of computer simulation

The flu fighters

Tools from physics can now be used to model the H1N1 flu pandemic, as Vittoria Colizza and Alessandro Vespignani explain

Inside the complexity labyrinth

Gordon Fraser takes a guided tour through the science of complexity