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Condensed matter

For the latest news, features and products in condensed matter


‘Target skyrmions’ swirl on tiny discs

Stable structures need no applied magnetic field

Superconducting quantum computer achieves 10-qubit entanglement

Flash Physics: need-to-know updates from the world of physics

Has liquid metallic hydrogen on Jupiter been recreated in the lab?

Controversial claim by Harvard University researchers disputed by other scientists

Mpemba effect could occur in granular fluids

Odd phenomenon that hot water freezes faster than cold appears to be mirrored in granular media

In depth

Land of milk and neutrons

Erik Brok and Søren Roi Midtgaard describe how neutron-based measurements are helping dairy firms understand the complex structure of milk

Show us your metal

Harvard physicists Isaac Silvera and Ranga Dias claim they made metallic hydrogen, but other remain unconvinced. Jon Cartwright explores both sides of the argument

The physics of bread

Robert P Crease talks to Nathan Myhrvold – author of the new five-volume blockbuster Modernist Bread – about the science and history of our favourite foodstuff

Fighting fire with fire

Stephen Ornes on the many open questions when it comes to the physics of wildfires