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Editor's choice

Mar 10, 2014

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Plasmonic waveguide stops light in its tracks

Design could help build 'stopped-light laser'

Single-atom gates open the door to quantum computing

Independent teams unveil a basic building block of a quantum computer

Acoustic metamaterial can be reconfigured in a jiffy

Breakthrough could lead to ultrasonic superlenses

Atom-thin sheets are transferred with ease

New technique avoids messy, wet chemistry

Saliva-powered microbial fuel cell built

New graphene-anode cell that produces 1 µW could be used as an ovulation test

Scientists crack oyster's secret of strength

Nanoscale study of sturdy shells could lead to better body armour

Tiny mechanical resonator made from just four molecules

Beam is the world's smallest man-made nanomechanical oscillator

Graphene gains thermal vision

Room-temperature detector is first to cover infrared spectrum

New material offers angular control over light

Filter could be used in cameras and thermal solar systems

Nanoparticles boost solar-energy capture by plants

Nanotube-augmented plants are a "nanobionic" first

Harvesting the Earth's infrared energy

Could we use thermal radiation emitted by the ground beneath us as a source of renewable power?

Graphene-like iron made in the lab

New 2D material could have very large magnetic moment

Graphene oxide could make textiles smarter

High-capacitance yarn could power wearable electronics

Molecules line up for X-ray diffraction

New technique could soon be used on peptides

Tiny membrane converts radio waves to light

Device could help build a "quantum internet"